50th Reunion 2018 Aug 10&11

to look at a picture and remember character

to read a description and re-experience vitality

to remember a teacher and recreate the pains of labor

to picture an activity and recall the joy of momentary freedom

to observe rows of minute faces and revive feelings of comradeship

to see a letter jacket and relive the elation of victory, the crush of defeat

to open a yearbook and reflect on what was east

in fifty years will ripples change the image?


We hope you are planning on joining us for our

50th Reunion- East High Reconnect 50

August 10 & 11, 2018, in Salt Lake City, Utah   



Friday Evening, August 10

6-10 pm

Buffet Dinner

 Extremely Mini Program & Visiting, Displays 

 The Garden Place@This Is the Place Heritage State Park.

2601 East Sunnyside Ave

Salt Lake City UT 84108


You may go online to see the village attractions available at the Park which you may enjoy and which are available to you, during the day, that Friday only, at a reduced summer season rate of $5. 


Saturday evening, August 11

6-10 pm

 Light Buffet

Visiting and other activities

University of Utah Alumni House

 155 Central Campus Drive. Salt Lake City, UT 84112




We would appreciate your input on daytime activities 

Please take a peek and see what piques your interest and fill out our

Interest Survey-Daytime Activities

(sidebar menu dropdown- 50 Reunion 2018 Aug 10-11) 




We are continuing our search for classmates and would appreciate any help you could give in finding those we have lost over the years.  The following list of 56 are those whose numbers addresses and emails are not valid currently so we have no way of contacting them directly.  If you have any information on them, please email or contact us at eastslc1968@gmail.com or use the “Contact Us” link at our www.eastslc68.com website.  Thank you so much!    

Ballmer, Ruth Marlene

Bedell, James (Jim)

Benjasiriwan, Teerachai

Bird, Sharlene

Brock, Larry Joseph

Brushke Duffield, Deborah                 

Campbell, C. Kevin

Carlisle, Scott Christopherson

Carlson, Steven

Chase, Mary Alice

Cody, Belita Mae

Corporon, Judy Diane

Crawford, Kathy

Cunningham, Kayleen

Delaplaine, John

Diamond, Kenneth Dion

Dormeyer, Michael

Escott, Judy

Ford, Randall Scott

Fox, John Alvin

Greenwood, Edwin Lewis (Ed)

Hansen, Carolyn

Hanks, Barbara

Harris, Michael Alan

Hodge, Joseph

Holik, Marleen Eileen 

Howell, James (Finn)

Jenkins, Bonnie Lou

Jensen, David Lynn

Johnson, Joan

Jones, Douglas B.

Jones, Randall Thomas (Randy)

Kearns, Genevieve

Kimball, Richard Albert? (Kim)

Loretto, Marjorie Elaine (Margie)

Lujan, Joseph Anthony (J.A./Joe)

Madison, Gregg

Martin, Steven James

McBride, Roslyn June

McCleery, Janette (Janet)

Mellen Long, Susan Lynn                                      

Merrill, Jill Marie

Mitchell, Sheila

Moore, Deborah Kay (Debbie)

Morrison, Kathryn Ann (Kathy)

Pearson, Johnene

Pichayaphanich, Chutchai

Reese, Christopher J.

Robins, Renee

Sasson, Thomas G.

Simonson, Suzanne Carol

Smith, Susan Lea

Spratt, Cathy L.

Stevenson, Gayle L.

Swenson, Jon Robert

Vaile, Bryce

Worthen, Barbara