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•   Brad Woodward  6/22
•   Linda Fay Breckenridge (Blackwell)  5/26
•   Larry Gordon Wehrli  4/10
•   Jess Ware  4/6
•   Maralin Noah (Hoff)  3/19
•   Hans Thorlak Hansen  1/18
•   Richard Lawrence Tanner  11/27
•   Janet Johnson (Tanner)  11/27
•   Pamela Robison (Awana)  11/11
•   Linda Liddle (Bartholomew)  11/9
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2 live in Alaska
11 live in Arizona
2 live in Arkansas
24 live in California
11 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Delaware
2 live in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
5 live in Idaho
1 lives in Maine
1 lives in Massachusetts
1 lives in Michigan
3 live in Minnesota
1 lives in Mississippi
3 live in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nebraska
6 live in Nevada
2 live in New Mexico
7 live in New York
2 live in North Carolina
6 live in Oregon
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
7 live in Texas
298 live in Utah
11 live in Washington
2 live in Wyoming
1 lives in Norway
1 lives in Sweden
89 location unknown
45 are deceased


•   Judy Ann Stake (Oliver)  6/27
•   David Reid Casper  6/28
•   Michael A. Key  7/1
•   Maralin Noah (Hoff)  7/2
•   Jess Ware  7/6
•   David H. Cannon  7/7
•   Paul Lee Arneson  7/8
•   Brent Fawcett  7/9
•   Deborah E. Bringhurst (Wood)  7/11
•   Maurine Rapp (Zarek)  7/15
•   Wendy Lynne Larsen  7/16
•   Ann Maurine Phillips (Coker)  7/17
•   Lourens Leeflang  7/19
•   Janice Richards (Colton)  7/21
•   Susan Hanks (Maughan)  7/22
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Classmates: 46.3%

A:   241   Joined
B:   279   Not Joined





Dear Classmate,

On the afternoon of June 4, 1968, you and many of your close friends graduated from East High School.  A few hours later, Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated while campaigning for the Presidency in California.  (I learned about that sad event from Randy Plant, who heard it on the radio of my car while waiting for me to finish saying goodnight to my graduation dance date).  What an abrupt burst of the safe bubble of East High.

Since then, our class has had several class reunions.  The last one was extraordinary.  I wasn’t able to attend, but several who did have told me there was an unusual air of “kinship” as people reacquainted themselves with their old high school friends and connected for the first time with classmates they hardly knew back then. They were surprised to find they had so much in common with people who had lived lives so diverse from theirs over the last several decades. 

Our big 50 Year Reunion comes up the Summer after next.  It will be held on the second weekend of August - AUGUST 10-11, 2018.     We hope it will be an even warmer homecoming than the reunion 3 years ago. As you make your long term plans, please don’t let anything interfere with your attending this singular event.

In our search for missing classmates, we have been saddened to learn that 41 of us have died. We believe we have located all but 57 of the remaining members of our 568-student class.  Their names are on the attached list.  If you have any clue as to how we might reach them, please let us know.  You may email us at or use the “Contact Us” link at our website.

Those of you living far away from East High should know there are classmates here who are so anxious for you to attend, they are willing to put you up in their homes for the weekend.

If you haven’t yet joined the East High Class of 1968 website,, you should.  You can be kept abreast of interesting developments in your classmates’ lives without losing whatever degree of privacy you wish to retain.  Regular updates about our 50 Year Reunion will be posted on this site.  You might even find friends on the site with whom you could make travel plans.

If you have suggestions for what activities the reunion should or should not include, we’d love to hear them.

AUGUST 10-11, 2018.

  • Save the date
  • Help us locate our 57 missing classmates
  • PLEASE don’t miss the 50-year Reunion of

East High’s Class of ‘68!

Doug Mortensen

Senior Class President, Class of ‘68


57 Missing Classmates:

Ballmer, Ruth Marlene

Bedell, James (Jim)

Benjasiriwan, Teerachai

Bird, Sharlene

Brock, Larry Joseph

Brushke Duffield, Deborah  (spouse; Lance)

Campbell, C. Kevin

Carlisle, Scott Christopherson

Carlson, Steven

Chase, Mary Alice

Cody, Belita Mae

Corporon, Judy Diane

Crawford, Kathy

Cunningham, Kayleen

Delaplaine, John

Diamond, Kenneth Dion

Dormeyer, Michael

Edwards, Rayfield LeRoy (Ray)

Escott, Judy

Ford, Randall Scott

Fox, John Alvin

Gordon, Myron John

Greenwood, Edwin Lewis (Ed)

Hansen, Carolyn

Hanks, Barbara

Harris, Michael Alan

Hodge, Joseph

Holik, Marleen Eileen  (spouse; Michael)

Howell, James (Finn)

Jenkins, Bonnie Lou

Jensen, David Lynn

Johnson, Joan

Jones, Douglas B.

Jones, Randall Thomas (Randy)

Kearns, Genevieve

Loretto, Marjorie Elaine (Margie)

Lujan, Joseph Anthony (J.A./Joe)

Madison, Gregg

Martin, Steven James

McBride, Roslyn June

Mellen Long, Susan Lynn (spouse; Gene)

Merrill, Jill Marie

Mitchell, Sheila

Moore, Deborah Kay (Debbie)

Morrison, Kathryn Ann (Kathy)

Pearson, Johnene

Pichayaphanich, Chutchai

Reese, Christopher J.

Robins, Renee

Sasson, Thomas G.

Simonson, Suzanne Carol

Smith, Susan Lea

Spratt, Cathy L.

Stevenson, Gayle L.

Swenson, Jon Robert

Vaile, Bryce

Worthen, Barbara



Celebrate the Tradition of Excellence

which is East High.



For details on current activities at East:




Our website has been online for three years and you continue to fill it with your fascinating profiles, photos and communication.  We continue to grow as classmates add their profiles and join our online group, enabling us to contact you quickly when events happen concerning our friends. Your support and response to posts both joyful and soulful have been full of humor, kndness, and thoughtful concern.  What a dear group of people you are!

The connections and sharing have been an ongoing delight.  Thank you for participating!

You are welcome to join by going to Classmate Profiles and adding your information. Please continue to update your contact information if there are changes, so we do not lose you.  Many of you continue to update -thank you!  If you know of classmates who have not signed on, please encourage them. Several have been a little daunted by the computer experience. 

You determine what information you wish to share with the group or individuals, by noting your preferences as you enter your profile.  Only information you want to share is visible.  

All information is confidential and access to the site is limited to our class and limited guest members.

When you sign in and create your profile, you will have increased access to announcements and communications with the group or individual classmates through the site without publishing your email or other information.   

We hope you will sign in, participate. and continue to make our site a delightful place to visit.

Let's continue to create a place to share what is happening in our lives and to connect with friends-a speedy and joyous option for communicating with each other.

Thank you for signing in and sharing your life with us.  

On behalf of our gang of '68 (that's you!) 

if you need help or have concerns or comments, the site email address is: 

Our domain name is 


current site administrator: kristen welling beckstead

      (so you know who you are talking with :) )


If you enjoy using Facebook, you can do all the things you can do on our class web site from inside Facebook.  Class Connection, is the name of the app to access the site through Facebook and you'll find it's very simple to join and use. If you wish to have this additional way to connect, please follow these 3 quick steps:  

  1. Log into our class web site at
  2. Click the "Class Connection" link under Member Functions.
  3. On the Class Connection Join Screen click the blue "Join Class" button and accept the app permissions.

Signing on through Facebook will not affect your usual site access-you may use both.  It is an additional way to access the site and conmmunicate with class friends who are on Facebook.





Photos from our 45th Reunion are posted on the page 

"With A LIttle Help From Our Friends" 


Please enjoy the wonderful smiles. Priceless.  


Thank you for being such kind and thoughtful friends, always.


We are planning to see you in 2018 at our 50th Reunion! 

We hope you will be there!