2013 Reunion-With A Little Help From Our Friends

"With a Little Help from Our Friends"

We Celebrated "Together"

100 years for East High!

45 years for Class of '68!

"Help!"  We needed somebody!  "Help!  Not just anybody!"  

  We were so lucky and very happy to share 

Friday and Saturday with YOU!!

You made those evenings a memorable delight!!

Thank you for driving and/or flying-coming from far and near!


If you could not come this year, 

we missed you!

Please plan on joining us in 2018

for our grand 50th!! 








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Eric E. Johnson
105 Photos  3/9/21
Terrell Evans Thompson
23 Photos  9/11/13
Kent M. Miles
131 Photos  8/30/13
Kristen Welling Beckstead
323 Photos  8/29/13