Fractured Lyrics from 1968

Catchy lyrics to match the catchy tunes from 1968-
created by Van Gessel and Steve Rich
Just for You - Hope these bring - A chuckle or two!

(Name that's "Yesterday" -  Fractured Lyrics #3 brought to you in jest by Van Gessel)

Fifty years—

That’s so long

I may dissolve in tears,

Or I’ll go and drink a few (root) beers;

I can’t believe it’s

Fifty years.



I’m nostalgic and I want to see

All my classmates just to guarantee

That they all look as

Old as me.


So I want to go,

‘Cause I know

It will be great.

Not to go is wrong

‘Cause I long for

Nineteen six-ty-ei-ght


Now my knees

Are constructed of titanium,

And there’s nothing in my cranium—

Yes, we’re the Class of Sixty-eight!


(to the tune of “Hey, Jude”- Fractured Lyrics sent courtesy of Van Gessel)

Hey, you—

Don’t sit at home.

The reunion

Will make you better.

Remember to come on August the Tenth,

And the Eleventh could be even better.

(And don’t say: “Naw naw naw naw naw naw naw”)



Sing to the tune of: "When I'm 64 (68)?"


1. When we get old and losing our hair

Kinda like right now.

Will you remember that we left high school

In ’68 and felt pretty cool!


When we stayed out till quarter to 3

And your mom locked the door


Chorus: We’ve been your friends for fifty-plus years now

Like we were before!


We’re all older, too!

And you will just show up here,

We’ll hang out with you!


2. We’ll tell our stories, some even true!

Who can prove it now?

All our wiley escapades and close, close calls,

If you’re here we’ll remember it all!


Dances and dates, assemblies and games,

Who could ask for more?


Chorus: Fifty years later, we’re still friends

Just like we were before!


1. Now that I’m older, 

Losing my mind—

(My, how time does pass!)

Will I still remember

All my Leopard chums?

Some had class,

And some were just bums.


At the Reunion

I’ll search around,

Hoping I can rate:


Chorus: Someone to lead me,

Someone to feed me,

Now I’m sixty-eight.


Back in nineteen sixty-eight

We had so much to celebrate,

The future looked so great:

Class of Sixty-eight.

We were young and immature—

Now it’s all a blur.


At the Reunion

Greeting old friends,

I’ll be reassured:


Chorus: Someone will lead me,

Someone will feed me,

Now I’m sixty-eight.


After the 50th Reunion- by Steve Rich

Thanks for the memories
Of homework, twice-deferred, all-nighters till we blurred, 
Of life-shaping decisions made, some brilliant, some absurd!
How youthful it was!

Thanks for the memories
Of marching, bruising games, of cheers, school songs we sang
Of guys who hoped to thrill the girls, girls thrilled to do the same!
How young we were then!

Some who could master a slide rule
Went on to compute and design things.
We made homes, we worked, cooked divine things!
We’ve changed the world, 
With our boys and girls!

Thanks, for some other things
Uncool things friends forgave, when cool forbearance saved 
Green teenage boys, so stupid, with their one, bi-weekly shave
And dumb teen girl stuff!

Thanks for the memories
First thoughts of wedding bells, a crush that grew or fell
Of dressing up and dancing! Maybe kisses? Who could tell?
And longing, alone.

When, pacing and practicing
The boys picked up the phone
Tongue-tied and error-prone
They felt like life or death depended on a yes or no!
And then? Just hung up.

We said goodbye in the bright spring
All eager to see what we’d find.
See? We did mostly the right things.
Some tears, some fuss, hooray for us!

Then the wait was through
Oh! Wow! It was true!
Your eyes light up when you see me!
And mine light seeing you!

Then, “Awfully glad I met you!
Cheerio and tootle-loo!”
Thank you!
Thank you! 
So much!