Site Information & FAQs

To sign on to

  1. Enter in your browser search.Select/click on that selection
  2. The Home Page will appear- find the the Log In box (right hand top corner under the photo of  East High)
  3. Click on Log In and you will be asked to create a profile as a class member by setting up an account which consists of the email and password of your choosing.  (Note: Please make note of the email you use and your password.) (Hint: You may mark a box allowing you to stay signed in-if you are not on a public computer.) You may continue here to create your profile. Make sure to “save changes” or “submit” as you go (look at the very bottom of the screen).
  4. Please add the email addresses; and and to your contacts.  This will assure emails from the site and from the administrator do not go to your junk mailbox.
  5. Please add to your internet options', allowable sites.  



To edit, add to, or update your profile

  1. Find the Menu Board (dark gray box on the left of your screen, under our Logo)
  2. Click on “Classmate Profiles”.  Our class list will appear.
  3. Find your name (alphabetically by your last name in high school) and click on your name.  If you are signed in with your email and password, profile questions will appear with the option to add to or edit the contact information you may see there. This input was from our Excel spreadsheet class list 2013. Please complete and/or correct your contact information; full current name, email address, mailing address, phone(s) and birthday.  *[Your contact information is NOT visible to others, even those classmates who join our site.  It is only visible to me, as the site administrator, and I will only share this information with Jane Knudsen Poulsen,  who carefully and confidentially maintains our spreadsheet.  We are very careful with your information and do not share it with any other organizations or individuals. Contact information is saved in the “backend” of the site so you can email others who have joined the site, through the site without seeing each other’s email address (look for instructions on the FAQ page).  Your visible profile consists of your responses to additional questions that do not contain your contact information, such as; spouse, children/grandchildren, military service, education, career, retirement, school stories, photos, etc.  Whenever anyone attempts to sign on to our site, they must be verified as a classmate before they are allowed full access to our site pages.  If there is time between the time you sign up with your email and password and when you are able to access the pages of the site, the site is waiting for me to verify you.  I will try to be quick about it.


After you are signed in as a “Classmate” and have created your profile, you may access all the site pages and participate in the discussions, surveys and options.


To add photos to your profile, this YouTube video may be helpful.


If you are having trouble receiving communications from the site or Kristen (administrator). 

1)  Please do a search of your junk mailbox on your email program and see if emails are found from any of the following email addresses: or or  

2)  If you find emails in your junk mailbox from these addresses, please drag all the emails to your inbox and add these email addresses to your contacts (see Sign on #4 and #5-above)

3)  Please go to your internet accounts and add the site as always allowable.


If you are not able to access all the pages to the site, please make sure you are logged on with your email (user name) and password and check the box to Keep logged/or signed in.  


To email a classmate/friend through the site:

1)  Click on Classmate Profiles on the gray Menu Board directory at the upper left

2)  The Classmate List will appear.  Click on the name (alphabetically by last name used in high school) of the person you wish to contact

3) If the person has joined the site, their profile page will appear.  Click on the small gray envelope and a line of blue print to the side of it that says "Send _________________a private message. A blank email message box will appear for you to compose a message to your friend.  Press submit at the bottom of the page to send your message.


You can message me for assistance by clicking on Contact Us in the Menu Board.  A message box will appear and you can send me an email with questions or comments by pressing submit at the bottom of the message box.

if you need help or have concerns or comments, the site email address is: 

Our domain name is 


Thank you for continuing to update your contact information, so we do not lose you.  

If you know of classmates who have not signed on, please encourage them. The ones who have not signed in OR for whom we do not have email or street mailing addresses, are our Missing Classmates (click on the Menu Board directory to the left).  We may have these classmates' information on the spreadsheet but they have not signed in to the site as yet. We have no current contact information for the classmates listed on the "Please help us find these classmates list" (on the Home Page and our 50 Reunion 2018 page.)

Your contact information is confidential, no member of the site other than the administrator(s) has access to another member's information. Interactive access (such as email) within the site is limited to our class members and limited guest members, who have joined.

Our website has been online for over five years and you continue to fill it with your fascinating profiles, photos and communication.  We continue to grow as classmates add their profiles and join our online group, enabling us to contact you quickly when events happen concerning our friends. Your support and response to posts both joyful and soulful have been full of humor, kndness, and thoughtful concern.  

What a dear group of people you are!

The connections and sharing have been an ongoing delight.  

On behalf of our gang of '68 (that's you!)   Thank you for participating! 

current site administrator: kristen welling beckstead

      (so you know who you are talking with :) )